Triple Double Bonus Video Poker Strategy (2023)

Triple Double Bonus Video Poker Strategy (1)The next variation in the ‘Bonus Poker‘ family is a bit different than the two we’ve looked at in the most recent articles–Double Double Bonus andSuper Double Double Bonus. ‘Triple Double Bonus’ is well liked by many ‘sharp‘ video poker players even though its returns aren’t anything special. The most player-friendly pay table returns 99.58% and the most common pay table 98.15%. There aren’t quite as many different bonus four of a kind hands onTriple Double Bonus Poker‘ but the payouts on the top bonus hands are huge. How huge? On ‘Triple Double Bonus Poker‘ getting four Aces with a 2,3 or 4 kicker pays 4000 coins with max bet—that’s the same payout as a royal flush.

The basic premise of all of the ‘Bonus Poker‘ variations is that a player receives a ‘bonus‘ for certain four of a kind draws. The difference between the various types of ‘Bonus Poker‘ is the specific rules surrounding how these bonuses are awarded. As we noted above, on ‘Triple Double Bonus‘ video poker there’s not as many bonus four of a kind hands as some of the other ‘Bonus Poker‘ variations. Instead, the top bonus hands receive a huge payout.

And like the rest of the ‘Bonus Poker‘ family, the higher bonus for four of a kind hands means that the lower hands pay less than on a ‘full payJacks or Better machine. The payout on this machine is nothing special—even the best pay table returns just 99.58%. The most common table online and in land-based casinos is reproduced below and returns 98.15% with perfect play. Other pay tables return as low as 95.97%

Let’s take a look at the Triple Double Bonus Poker pay table:


Triple Double Bonus Video Poker Strategy (2)


As you can likely surmise from looking at the pay table this game can be downright brutal. If you’re not hitting your quads you’ll feel like a truck hit you—or your bankroll at least. It’s surprising that Triple Double Bonus Poker is a game that many ‘sharp’ video poker players seek out and enjoy. Maybe it’s the challenge. If the four of a kinds are falling your way you can rack up a nice profit very quickly.

The strategy for Triple Double Bonus Poker is essentially the same as ‘Bonus Poker‘. There are a few adjustments in the hand hierarchy to reflect the higher payout on 4 aces and the lower payout on two pair. It’s similar to basic ‘Jacks or Better‘ except it seeks to minimize the ‘lower paying‘ hands while giving a player a better opportunity to hit the 4K bonuses. The only real difference between ‘Super Double Bonus Poker‘, ‘Double Bonus Poker‘ and ‘Bonus Poker‘ is the payout on the 4K hands. The two pair payout is also reduced. One of the harder things for me to get used to playing the various bonus poker variations was holding the ‘Ace‘ when given a choice between high cards. In traditional JoB you’re discouraged from holding the Ace in that situation since it reduces the chance of drawing to a straight or straight flush.

  • Royal Flush
  • Straight Flush
  • Any Four of a Kind with or without ‘winning’ kicker
  • 4 to a Royal Flush
  • Three Aces
  • Three of a Kind w/ Kicker (2223, 2224, 3332, 3334, 333A, 4442, 4443, 444A, AAA2, AAA3, AAA4)
  • Three of a Kind (222, 333, 444, AAA)
  • Full House
  • Flush
  • Straight
  • Three of a Kind (5-K)
  • 4 to a Straight Flush
  • Pair of Aces
  • Two Pair
  • 3 to a Royal Flush (KQJ)
  • High Pair (JQK)
  • 3 to a Royal Flush (AKQ, AKJ, AQJ, KQT, KJT, QJT)
  • 4 to a Flush
  • 3 to a Royal Flush (AKT, AQT, AJT)
  • Pair of 2,3 or 4
  • 4 to an outside straight
  • 3 to a straight flush
  • 1 pair of 5,6,7, 8, 9 or 10s
  • 4 to an inside straight w/ three high cards
  • 2 Suited High Cards
  • Unsuited JQK
  • Unsuited JQ
  • Ace
  • J10 Suited
  • KQ, KJ Unsuited
  • KT, QT Suited
  • Jack, King or Queen
  • 4 To an Inside Straight
  • Discard Everything

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Triple Double Bonus Video Poker Strategy (3)

Triple Double Bonus Video Poker Strategy (4) 1

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As you can see in this strategy chart holding the kicker with a relevant three of a kind is essential. So if you get:

2H 2D 2S 4C X

In many video poker games you would hold:

2H 2D 2S X X

That’s the INCORRECT play in Triple Double Bonus Poker. The difference between four deuces (400) and four deuces with an A, 2, 3, 4 kicker (2000) is too great. Instead, this would be the correct play:

2H 2D 2S 4C X

Keep in mind that the quads—and particularly the quads with kicker bonus hands—are everything in this game. If all you’re doing is mucking about with low hands you’ll be ‘ground out’ in rapid fashion.

Triple Double Bonus Strategy Questions and Answers

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions that we receive.

a What is Triple Double Bonus Video Poker?

It is one of the members of the so-called “Bonus Poker” family of video poker games commonly found at both land-based and online casinos.

a What is the basic premise of the Bonus Poker variations?

The basic premise is that certain four of a kind draws come with a bonus. All of the variations come with specific rules concerning these bonuses.

(Video) TRIPLE BONUS PLUS Video Poker EP 16-1 HOW TO WIN! Watch and Learn Strategy from the Master WIN! WIN!

a Are these bonuses generous with Triple Double Bonus Video Poker?

Yes, but only to a certain extent, as it returns aren’t anything to write home about. The most common pay tables come with a 98.15% return, while the most player-friendly ones will see that number rise to 99.58%. There aren’t that many of those bonuses here, but four Aces wll get you the same payout as you’d get with a royal flush.

a What about low hands?

Mucking about with low hands is in no way a good strategy here, as the quads with kicker bonus hands are everything in this particular variation of video poker.

a Is Triple Double Bonus VP a high or low variance game?

In contrast to its forefather Jacks or Better, Triple Double Bonus variety has hell-roaring high variance, second only to Royal Aces Bonus Poker!

What does it mean to a player? Well, more excitement on the one hand and hefty bankroll on the other – just like high-volatile video slots.

a Is Triple Double Bonus video poker good for newbies?

Even though you should learn the basics before playing any variant of video poker, Triple Double Bonus game is perhaps not the best choice for a newcomer. ClassicJacks or Betterseems like a more suitable option, primarily due to its low volatility.

a Does it have a more complex strategy than other variants?

No. Quite on the contrary, the higher the variance of the game, the less complex strategy it employs.

(Video) Ep. 6 Journey to Handpay !! Triple Double Bonus Video Poker
a Is video poker completely random?

Yes.Similar to slots, all variants of video poker are powered by sophisticated RNGs able to generate absolutely random hands of cards, hence guarantee complete randomness of the final outcome.

a Where can I practice to play video poker?

Undoubtedly, the best way to master your skills without spending a penny is to take advantage of free titles offered bymany online casinos.

The selection of games varies greatly from one site to another, and at some venues you will have to register first in order to get access to Demo play.

a Can I trust video poker games that tell me what to hold?

Yes.Or at least it is the case with games made by credible software developers. While machines at some racetracks were caught in givingwrongbits of advice, games you can find online fully support the idea of fair play and use proper strategy.

a Should I always play maximum coins?

Yes, if you count on bigger payouts and bonuses for super-high Jackpot hands. If you are not comfortable with $5 machines, switch to a lower denomination where you can afford to play maximum coins.

a Do online casinos offer bonuses for video poker?

Yes. Almost all gambling websites offer a range of Sign-up, cashback, deposit-linked or no-deposit bonuses for video poker.

Just a friendly heads up, always read T&Cs of a certain perk in order to make sure it comes with reasonable wagering requirements and time frames. Fortunately, there aremany placesthat give for video poker the same great WR as for online slots.

(Video) Video Poker Genius [Part 7] - Triple Double Bonus Poker

a Are progressive video poker games worth playing?

It depends on your goals and, again, bankroll. First of all, finding a playable game could be pretty overwhelming – taking a Progressive Jackpot to a decent level is a time-consuming road.

To continue,when the prize gets hot for you, other punters also switch to this title in hope to strike a whopping sum, that means more hands are played. Plus, the variance of the game grows in direct proportion to the prize resulting in higher costs of the gameplay.

In the majority of cases, progressive games do not really pay off since your odds to run out of money are far greater than to hit a life-changing win.

a Can I play Triple Double Bonus VP on my smartphone?

Yes. Top-notch HTML5 games perform superbly on all mobile devices, therefore vibrant libraries ofmobile casinosacquire new releases on a regular basis. Needless to say, fun on the go in no aspect legs behind its desktop counterparts.

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Do you hold the kicker on Triple Double Bonus poker? ›

Regardless of whether you have three Aces and a kicker or three 2s, 3s or 4s and a kicker on the initial deal, you hold the kicker along with the three of a kind in Triple Double Bonus, but discard the kicker in Double Double Bonus.

What is the best strategy for video poker? ›

Play within your means. Within your means, always play the maximum bet to qualify for progressive jackpots. Stick to “Jack or Better” and avoid wild-card games as those reduce payouts on big hands. Look for video poker machines with progressive payouts to increase your overall profitability and reduce the house edge.

Do casinos manipulate video poker machines? ›

The bottom line is this: you can rest assured that video poker games in major gaming jurisdictions are not rigged. Henry Tamburin is one of world's most respected blackjack experts and a world-class player.

Which video poker game has the best odds of winning? ›

Based purely on odds, Double Bonus Poker is the best video poker game to play. Statistically, your odds in this game are so high that you'll get paid to play. Jacks or Better is another great choice because of its popularity and an outstanding balance of payout and house edge.

Can you ice the kicker three times? ›

NFL teams can ice a kicker only once per attempt.

Such team timeouts may follow a Referee's timeout or any automatic timeouts. The most obvious time when this might come up is before a big field-goal attempt, if a coach has saved up more than one timeout and really wants to play mind games.

When should you call or raise in poker? ›

After the first bet each player may "fold", which is to drop out of the hand losing any bets they have already made; "call", which is to match the highest bet so far made; or "raise", which is to increase the previous high bet. A player may fold by surrendering one's cards.

How often do you hit a royal flush in video poker? ›

You can expect to be dealt a two-card royal flush once in every 13 hands on average (or about 46 times per hour). Even though the frequency of being dealt a two-card royal is great, the odds of drawing a royal from it are long: one in 16,215.

How can I increase my chances of winning video poker? ›

How To Increase Your Chances Of Winning At Video Poker
  1. ● Understanding the Basic Concept of The Game. A lot of confusion has been caused by gamblers as they don't seem to know the difference between slot machines and video poker. ...
  2. Make use of bonuses and promotional offers. ...
  3. Pick the appropriate pay table. ...
  4. Practice.
6 Dec 2021

Should you hold a low pair in video poker? ›

One of the most important strategy tips for video poker players to remember is that low pairs are almost always more valuable than high cards. You win more hands when you hold a Jack or higher, but have larger average payoffs and win more money when you hold low pairs instead.

Can a magnet trigger a slot machine? ›

We often get asked how to cheat a slot machine with a magnet. Let's get one thing clear: it's not actually possible to cheat modern day slot machines with a magnet, since they're all programmed by computer software and aren't magnetic.

Is it better to stop a slot machine or let it spin? ›

Is There Any Reason to Stop the Reels? There's no reason that would impact the outcome of your game. In fact, by not stopping the reels and letting a spin (or free games, or whatever animation is going on) do its thing, you're avoiding hitting the bet button as quickly, so you're putting less money at risk.

Should you bet the max on video poker? ›

Single Hand Video Poker

The standard advice is to max bet, but you should always check the machine's pay table to understand a few things: Does the game allow you to bet more than 5 credits? Some Video Poker machines can be configured to allow for a larger than 5 credit wager.

What is the most winnable game at a casino? ›


Blackjack has the best odds of winning, with a house edge of just 1 percent in most casinos, Bean said. Plus, you are playing against only the dealer, not hooded poker champions. "Blackjack is one of our easiest games to play," Bean said.

Can you consistently win at video poker? ›

With the right skills, strategy, knowledge and an element of luck, you can beat video poker machines hands down. The fact that you are playing against a machine and not against other players is an advantage that makes video poker machines very beatable.

Can you spike the ball with 3 seconds left? ›

A minimum of three seconds must be on the clock for a spike play, otherwise any spike after will result in the rest of the clock being run off. A spike is not considered intentional grounding if it is done with the quarterback under center and immediately after the snap. No penalty is assessed.

Why can't you call 2 timeouts in a row? ›

Timeouts are not allowed to be used twice in a row on the same scrimmage down. It is in the team's best interest to use their timeouts before the half ends. In overtime, each team will get two timeouts regardless of how many they ended the game with.

How early is too early to draft a kicker? ›

Drafting Your Kicker

First of all, never draft a kicker until at least the last two or three rounds. Pick you kicker last. Making them your next to last pick or the one before that won't kill you, but it still may not be a smart move.

What is the strongest position in poker? ›

The Button – Dealer (also classed as a LP)

In terms of advantage it is the best position in poker. After the flop the dealer always gets to act last in every round of betting for that game.

Should you call with a flush draw? ›

Check-calling should be your most frequent play with a flush draw against a c-bet, but you should also sometimes check-raise to balance out the value range.

How often should blinds go up in poker? ›

Before the tournament begins, the players will agree to a blinds structure, usually set by the tournament organizer. This structure defines how long each round is and how much the blinds increase per round. Typically, they are increased at a smooth rate of between 25% and 50% per round over the previous round.

How often should you get 4 of a kind in video poker? ›

When you play a basic video poker game with 52 cards, the odds of getting a Royal Flush during the initial draw are 1 in 649,740. For a Straight Flush, it is 1 in 72,193, and for Four of a Kind – 1 in 4,165.

How often do you flop a royal flush? ›

Since there are exactly 19,600 different possible flops that can be dealt, the odds of flopping the Royal Flush are precisely 1 in 19,600.

What should I hold in Jacks or Better? ›

Jacks or Better Game Strategy: High Pair
  • If you have four to a Flush and a high pair, hold the pair and draw three other cards. ...
  • When you have four to a Straight, keep your high pair to have a higher chance to win.
  • If you have three to a Royal Flush, it is still better to hold the pair!
13 Oct 2019

Is there any skill in video poker? ›

Yes, because video poker is based on conventional poker so you can use some basic strategies to gain a bit of an edge. If you know how to play the cards dealt and build a winning hand, your skills can help. However, video poker is based on slot machines and they're random, so you don't have control over outcomes.

What is the only mathematically beatable game in casino? ›

Why is Blackjack the only mathematically beatable game in a casino? Because when blackjack became popular no one knew it could be beaten. Had that been known it would not have been offered at casinos. Blackjack came to America circa 1780, the game dates back to the early 1600s.

What are the odds of getting 4 aces in video poker? ›

But hold the Aces, and you also have a 1 in 474 shot at four Aces, no kicker, for an 800-coin pay. You have no chance at that hand if you hold a 2 with the Aces.

Is there a way to tell when a slot machine will hit? ›

You cannot tell when a modern slot machine will hit because the outcome of each spin is random. No matter how many times a machine has spun, and no matter what the outcomes of those spins were, the probability of the next result remains the same.

Should you fold most hands in poker? ›

In Texas Hold'em, the best poker players fold 75 percent or more of all starting hands before the betting even begins. A fundamentally sound preflop strategy sets you up for success in all subsequent betting rounds.

Is it better to play slots or video poker? ›

While video poker doesn't offer dozens of millions in jackpots, they are generally a lot more rewarding when it comes to regular winnings, as their paybacks are simply higher than what slots can offer. For example, full-pay Deuces Wild offers a payback of 100.76%. Joker Poker offers a payback of 100.64%.

What triggers a jackpot on a slot machine? ›

If a player makes a winning combo on the slot machine, one hits the jackpot. If none of the players makes such a combo, the prize fund is not raffled but only grows.

How do you outsmart a slot machine? ›

  1. Higher denomination slots have higher payback percentages.
  2. Make sure you bet enough to be eligible for the jackpots.
  3. Choose games that fit your goals and playing personality.
  4. Always play within your budget.
  5. Start small to win big, or “prime the pump”
  6. Play machines at the ends of rows.
12 May 2022

What is the easiest slot machine to win on? ›

Based on their RTP alone, the 12 best slot machines to win are:
  • Devil's Delight PLAY GAME.
  • Gypsy Rose PLAY GAME.
  • Kings of Chicago PLAY GAME.
  • Mega Joker PLAY GAME.
  • Retro Reels Extreme Heat PLAY GAME.
  • Simsalabim PLAY GAME.
  • Couch potato PLAY GAME.
  • Wild Orient PLAY GAME.
7 Feb 2022

What are the luckiest slot machines? ›

The Ugga Bugga slot machine game has the highest payout percentage, at 99.07%. The second highest is Mega Joker by NetEnt, with a 99% RTP. Jackpot 6000 by NetEnt and Uncharted Seas by Thunderkick come in second and third, with RTPs of 98.8% and 98.6%, respectively.

What is the 5 spin slot method? ›

Put your chosen bankroll into a machine. Make five minimum bets but stop if you win anything at all. If you win anything on the first ten machines, continue until you've tested twenty machines. And keep track of how many machines gave you a taste before you moved on.

What does it mean when a slot machine tilts? ›

If a slot machine malfunctions it cannot complete the random selection process, and therefore reverts to a "tilt" mode. When a malfunction occurs some slot machine manufacturers, for engineering purposes, set the reels to stop briefly in a "jackpot" position.

What is the best day of the week to go to casino? ›

Payouts are higher throughout the weekend: Many gamblers believe payouts are higher on Saturday and Sunday due to a higher turnout during the weekend so that casinos can encourage more spending.

Does timing matter on slot machines? ›

On average, changing your timing and rhythm will yield the same payback percentage as keeping a steady betting pattern. There's no way to take advantage of knowing changing timing will change results.

Can you improve your odds at slot machines? ›

There are no real shortcuts or tricks that can help improve your odds. Some slots may have a higher payback percentage, but these machines don't change your actual odds of winning. Beyond that, though, improving your odds at the slots is just a myth.

Should you stay or hit on 16? ›

When holding nine or less or 12-16 it's best to hit, but stand on a total of 17 or more. If the dealer's card is a four, five or six it is vital you do not bust.

How many hands should you play in video poker? ›

In regular video poker, the aim is to make the best winning 5-card hand possible. In multihand video poker like Jacks or Better 4-Play Power Poker, however, you must try and make five poker hands in a single game. At the start of a game, you will be dealt one 5-card hand. This is your 'decision hand'.

What game gives you the best odds in a casino? ›

If you're willing to put in a little work, blackjack offers the best odds. I'm talking about a . 5 percent casino edge, depending on which table you're sitting at. (Meaning for every dollar you gamble, you'll lose only half a penny on average.)

What percentage of gamblers make money? ›

The researchers found similar patterns: Only 13.5% of gamblers ended up winning, versus 11% among Bwin customers, and the ratios of big losers to big winners were similarly large.

What casino game requires the most skill? ›

Poker is perhaps the single most skill-demanding casino game out there, as it not only requires skill, but fairly simple, but actually developing the skills necessary to become a successful poker player requires serious dedication and sometimes, years of practice.

What should a double double bonus hold? ›

Double Double Bonus Strategy Chart
  • Royal flush.
  • Four aces/2s/3s/4s with an A/2/3/4 kicker.
  • Four of a kind.
  • Straight flush.
  • Any four to a royal flush.
  • Three aces.
  • A full house.
  • A flush.
6 Dec 2018

What should I hold in my bonus poker? ›

Always bet the maximum number of coins. This is always five coins. Most video poker machines pay a bonus amount when you hit the highest hand, often a natural royal flush, but only if you've wagered the maximum. If you don't play the maximum number of coins, you actually increase the edge the casino has in the game.

How does the kicker card work in poker? ›

A kicker, also called a side card, is a card in a poker hand that does not itself take part in determining the rank of the hand, but that may be used to break ties between hands of the same rank. For example, the hand Q-Q-10-5-2 is ranked as a pair of queens. The 10, 5, and 2 are kickers.

Do you play kicker if you tie on two pair? ›

As per Texas Hold'em two-pair tie-breaker rule, the pot is shared if both players have the same kickers or if the community card is the highest. If two players hold the same Poker pair, who wins? Poker pair rules say that if the pairs are of the same value, the highest kicker card determines the winner.

Does 20 points count as a double-double? ›

A double-double is when a basketball player reaches double figures in two of the following statistics in the same game: 10+ points, 10+ rebounds, 10+ assists, 10+ blocks or 10+ steals.

What stats do you need for a double-double? ›

When a player reaches double figures (10 or more) in two of the five main statistical categories – points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks – they have achieved a double-double.

What should you not do while playing poker? ›

Poker Habits: 13 Bad Ones to Avoid
  • Prematurely getting ready to fold. ...
  • Looking to the right when you know you're going to fold. ...
  • Counting chips in anticipation of betting. ...
  • Slow playing strong flops. ...
  • Talking when you hit your hand. ...
  • Glancing at chips on a strong flop. ...
  • Staring at the board on the flop.
10 Oct 2017

What is the most important skill in poker? ›

Handling Your Finances (Bankroll Management)

There are very few skills in poker as vital as the ability to manage your money. “Your bankroll is your single most important asset, so you need to learn how to handle it properly to succeed in the long run.”

How do you know if you are a kicker play? ›

How Do Kickers Work in Poker? Kickers come into play when two or more players have the same hand strength at the end of a hand. The kicker is the highest card in a poker hand that's not part of a made hand.

What is rat hole in poker? ›

What is Rathole in Poker? « View All Poker Terms. Exiting a cash game after posting a winning session, then returning to the same game with the minimum buy-in. This practice is generally frowned upon but is technically legal, with the exception of “No Rathole” games.

What hand wins the most in poker? ›

The royal flush sits atop the poker-hand rankings as the best hand possible. It features five consecutive cards of the same suit in order of value from 10 through to ace. Any five cards of sequential values in the same suit that's not a royal flush is a straight flush.

What beats a royal flush in poker? ›

As shown in the poker hand rankings chart, the order of poker rankings (from the highest to the lowest) is: Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four-of-a-Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three-of-a-Kind, Two Pair, One Pair, High Card.

What does K mean in poker? ›

Kicker (alt)

The kicker, in poker terms, is a separate high card that is used to break a tie. For example, in a 5 card draw game two ...


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