Titan Void 3.0 Builds - Destiny 2 (2023)

Void 3.0 Titan Builds for PVP and PVE

Time for the Titans.

The main utility around the Titan class is shields.

Titans are able to keep themselves and teammates alive through the use of overshields and make them a hard target to take down and a great class to take ground and gain map control.

In this article, we’ll give you the best Void Titan build for PVP and PVE.

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Titan Void 3.0 Builds - Destiny 2 (1)

PvP Build

This class is hard for opponents to kill and allows you to get area control and massive shields with your barricade and Ward of Dawn super ability.



Ward of Dawn – “The bubble” is a top tier super in Trials of Osiris as it is a super with one of the fastest cooldowns and it allows your team to secure a tie breaker capture point at the end of the round.

Class Ability

Towering Barricade – The ability is great to shut off choke points, to use as cover to get revives and new angles, and to gain ground. Towering is preferable over Rally Barricade due to the extra coverage it applies.

Movement Ability

Strafe Lift – This ability is a more consistent option for fast movement. The main methodology is to jump, activate Strafe Lift when falling back down and to glide along the ground and repeat the moment you touch the ground. This works with Catapult Lift as well, but is a little tricky to get consistently, but has some added utility of a faster initial burst if you need to quickly move side to side or backwards.

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Melee Ability

Shield Bash or Shield Throw – Both options are good here. They both give shields, and have their own utility. Shield Bash is good for movement and can be paired with a slide shotgun. The movement alone is great utility for Shield Bash. Shield Throw is great to finish off enemies who are low health and behind cover as the ability bounces off walls and tracks quite well. It ultimately comes down to if you like to play up close with Shield Bash or at a distance with Shield Throw.

Grenade Ability

Vortex, Spike, or Axion Bolt Grenades – These are all good options as the Axion Bolts distract enemies, deal good damage, and/or force enemies off an angle. Spike grenades are great on certain maps with a lot of indoor areas to utilize walls to place them. The Vortex are always great as they draw enemies in and deal good damage.



This gives you and nearby allies a 45 HP overshield when using your barricade. Fantastic perk for PvP to keep yourself and teammates in a fight or to give shields before pushing an area as it lasts 10 seconds.

Offensive Bulwark

This lowers grenade cooldown when you have an overshield, and you will have a lot of overshields with the use of Bastion. It also extends melee range and increases melee damage.


Echo of Undermining

This applies the weaken effect to targets hit by your grenade allowing you to deal more damage to them. With Offensive Bulwark you’ll be getting grenades more often, this will make them even more potent.

Echo of Persistence

This increases the 10 seconds overshield to 15 seconds, allowing you to roam with the overshield from Barricade.

Echo of Leeching

This class will most likely be playing up close and personal, and this Fragment starts to heal you on melee kills. It also gives a flat 10 Resilience which is our highest prioritized stat.

Stat Prioritization


Your Barricade cooldown is tied to resilience and that is the focal point of this build. Running a Resilience of 6 at a minimum is a good spot as it allows you to prevent being killed by Thorn with 2 headshots and 1 body shot on top of the quicker cooldown for Barricade.


Your grenades will be strong with the Echo of Undermining, and having them more often can only help.

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Recommended Exotics

Citan’s Ramparts

These let you shoot through your Barricade which allows you to safely shoot behind your Barricade and replenish your overshield as you will be behind your barricade.

Crest of Alpha Lupi

This chest piece is my personal favorite and an extremely underrated exotic. When using your barricade this gives you and teammates a health boost of about 60 HP.

Between this and the overshield from Barricade you and nearby teammates will instantly receive over 100 HP of total health which is over half the max health a guardian with max resilience can have.

This is all amazing, plus your Ward of Dawn will spawn an extra orb of light, which will help teammates with slower charging supers to get theirs just a bit quicker.

Anteus Wards

Why not have another shield? When sliding these give a reflective shield and allow you to get in the first shot in engagements if you slide in with a shotgun or around a corner for a primary fight.

Recommended Mods

Utility KickStart

Stasis affinity class item mod. This mod is fantastic and lowers Barricade cooldown when using Barricade. With 6 Resilience and double stacking 2 of these mods, you will have a new Barricade in just over 20 seconds.

Melee Kickstart

Void affinity gauntlets mod. This is for the Titan who plans on punching, as this mod lowers your Barricade cooldown when dealing melee damage. It can even be the difference in getting a Barricade during a close quarters fight to save your life.

General Strategy

This build can be tweaked to accommodate an up close and personal or a safer playstyle. For an up close and personal style Shield Bash is recommended and Anteus Wards is an exotic that pairs well with it.

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Using a Barricade mid fight for the overshield or just before a fight to go in with extra health is the play. When using Shield Bash, the ability can be activated a short time frame after sliding and shooting a shotgun as seen in the adjacent clip.

Shield Bash on its own does not one hit kill a guardian, but if you deal a little damage with a shotgun shot beforehand, the Shield Bash will finish off the enemy, grant an overshield, and start health regeneration. For the safer playstyle, Shield Throw is recommended.

Citan’s Ramparts pairs well with this playstyle as you will be able to fight at a range behind your Barricade. If an enemy is low health and disengages you can utilize the Shield Throw to track them down to secure the kill. Both playstyles will benefit from using the shield to secure a teammate resurrect in Trials of Osiris or for objective capture points and heavy ammo spawns.

PvE Build

The Barricade is a big part of offense and defense in this Void Titan build. Shields are still a focal point, but some stat boosts and use of mods and fragments for chaining explosions makes this a potent offensive class as well.


  • Ward of Dawn – This super provides both offensive and defensive buffs through shielding and weapons of light for a straight damage buff for weapons. The utility of the super is fantastic for zoning off an area for an objective and protection from enemies.
Class Ability
  • Rally Barricade – This ability shines in PvE, the lack of coverage isn’t as detrimental as it is in PvP. The same shields are gained as the Towering Barricade and you get some nice stat boosts to range, reload speed, and stability which will increase your team’s damage output that Towering Barricade doesn’t provide.
Movement Ability
  • Strafe Lift – The movement ability is mostly preference, but Strafe Lift is the ability that is the easiest to move fast with consistently.
Melee Ability
  • Shield Throw – You’ll want to keep your distance from most enemies in higher level content and this ability lets you gain shields and deal damage from a safe distance. Shield Bash has some niche uses if you are running a specific One-Two Punch build.
Grenade Ability
  • Vortex Grenades – These grenades will deal the most damage and weaken targets. Great overall utility against enemies who won’t try to move out of the area of effect.



This Aspect is so strong as it not only gives you an overshield, but your teammates as well. With this Aspect you can treat yourself almost as a support class to heal others by using a Barricade if they are in trouble.

Offensive Bulwark

Grenades are currently very strong with the new Void 3.0, this Aspect will decrease grenade cooldown with Barricade and super usage.


Echo of Undermining

Your class ability will give grenade energy, and this Fragment will buff your grenades with the ability to weaken targets so they take extra damage from you and your teammates.

Echo of Persistence

You’ll get extended timers for overshields from Shield Throw and Barricade as well as extended devour granted from Echo of Starvation.

Echo of Starvation

This Fragment allows you to activate devour to heal on kill, and the time window to keep devour active is increased to 15 seconds with Echo of Persistence.

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Stat Prioritization


Your Barricade cooldown is tied to Resilience, so this is the top priority as this stat gives Barricade back and the grenade cool down that comes with it.


Melee cooldown is tied to this stat and the Shield Throw melee ability is another way to get you and your teammates an overshield.

Recommended Exotics

Crest of Alpha Lupi

This chest piece is good for PvE and PvP due to the increase in health and overshield that casting a Barrier gives to you and your teammates.

One-Eyed Mask

Most view this as a PvP exotic, but in PvE it is a good way to get more overshields. If you kill a highlighted target who damaged you, you will gain an overshield. This is quite easy to activate in PvE as there are many enemies who deal damage to you and most can be quickly killed.

Recommended Mods

Reaping Wellmaker

Void affinity chest mod. This mod spawns void wells if you land a kill after using Barricade. These void wells can be paired with the Volatile Flow gauntlet mod to make your weapon shoot volatile rounds that will chain explosions and quickly clear out groups of enemies. This can also be paired with the Well of Tenacity mod to make your Titan tanky with increased damage resistance to all sources.

Harmonic Siphon

Helmet mod. This mod allows you to spawn orbs of light to activate the Echo of Starvation Fragment. Devour helps your survivability in combination with your overshields.

Utility KickStart

Stasis affinity class item. This mod is fantastic and lowers Barricade cooldown when using Barricade. With 6 Resilience and double stacking 2 of these mods, you will have a new Barricade in just over 20 seconds.

General Strategy

Your Barricade should be set up to grant overshields to you and your allies as well as in positions where you will be entrenched and fighting many enemies. Staying by your Barricade is ideal as it’ll replenish your overshield and grant your weapons bonus stats that will let you dispatch enemies quicker.

All the while you should be looking to collect orbs of power and void elemental wells to activate devour and the benefits of Volatile Flow and Well of Tenacity if you have those mods on your armor. Volatile rounds will chain explosion kills and let you easily keep devour running. Between the devour health regeneration and the shield refresh from Barricade, you will be very hard to take down.

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