The 30 Best Wedding Ring Sets of 2022 (2023)

The 30 Best Wedding Ring Sets of 2022 (1)

If you thought stacking was just for your wrists, think again. Instead of buying your engagement ring and wedding bands separately, say yes to a wedding ring set. These typically include three matching rings: an engagement ring, plus the couple’s individual wedding bands. A cohesive set can be seen as a marker of unity and a symbol of a couple’s commitment to each other.

“When chosen purposefully, it serves as a great metaphor for equality and your new life together,” says Payal Shah, the founder of L' Dezen. “It’s a sign that this is not just another jewelry piece you own.” In addition to Shah, we consulted industry expert Lorraine Brantner, a sales manager for James Allen, to learn more about what you should know before creating your very own bridal stack.

Meet the Expert

  • Payal Shah is the founder of the fine jewelry label Lˊ Dezen, which combines precious stones with architectural design.
  • Lorraine Brantner is a sales manager for the jewelry company James Allen.

These are rings you will be wearing every day for the rest of your life, so it’s important that the design and colors reflect your personality. Invest time in your research—whether you’re buying a ready set or customizing it—to keep any unpleasant surprises at bay. Celebrities' ring stacks are a great source of inspiration. For example, Carrie Underwood wears a curved band that complements the engagement ring's center stone.

If you are choosing rings with unique profiles, which require a curved band, have the rings made at the same time. Otherwise, you may have to return your engagement ring to the jeweler for the perfect fit.

Shah suggests playing with proportions for an interesting look: “Mixing shapes promises a visual appeal. Certain center tops with a wedding band style may not look elegant. So your engagement ring could be a semi-mount, set with a loose diamond of your choice.”

Introducing VRAI x Brides: Shop our exclusive collection of lab-grown diamond jewelry, perfect for the big day and beyond.

Ahead, scroll through 30 wedding ring sets we love.

Ben Bridge Vintage Styled Diamond Bridal Set

The 30 Best Wedding Ring Sets of 2022 (2)

Brides with a penchant for old-world glamour will be drawn to this combination of a focal round solitaire in a halo setting flanked by marquise-cut diamonds on either side.

Capucinne Elle Ring Set

The 30 Best Wedding Ring Sets of 2022 (4)

A wedding ring set that also doubles as a cocktail ring? This geometrical ring works double duty. The showstopper features an oval moonstone center stone and a shimmering halo of uniquely shaped diamonds on a 14k rose gold band.

Clean Origin Braided Solitaire Bridal Set

The 30 Best Wedding Ring Sets of 2022 (6)

A classic round solitaire but with a twist, quite literally, that comes in the form of the braided bands that gives it an outline of modernity. Fun fact: The ring features a lab-created diamond.

Zales Morganite and Diamond Frame Art Deco Three-Piece Bridal Set

The 30 Best Wedding Ring Sets of 2022 (8)

This romantic set is for the bride-to-be on the lookout for unconventional finger frosting. The princess-cut morganite is framed by brilliant round diamonds on the band as well as on the matching ring, finished in 14k rose gold.

Bliss Lau Nigerian Sapphire Centered and Acute Ring Set

The 30 Best Wedding Ring Sets of 2022 (10)

For brides keen on a gemstone ring, this one is a winner. The unique outer ring in a pavé of handset diamonds creates the illusion of two bands when worn with the split shank center ring that is set with a Nigerian sapphire in a modified Asscher cut.

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Aurate City Lights Ring Set

The 30 Best Wedding Ring Sets of 2022 (12)

Love New York City as much as you love less-is-more jewelry? Here’s your perfect match. The pair by this conscious fine jewelry brand includes the Brooklyn Bridge band with a three-stone diamond bezel ring, both set in 14k rose gold.

1stDibs Diamonds Mine Rose Gold Ring Set

The 30 Best Wedding Ring Sets of 2022 (14)

This art deco–inspired ring marries an oval-cut ring on a classic rose gold band paired with a matching braided band.What's not to love?

Rachel Boston Anaya Ring

The 30 Best Wedding Ring Sets of 2022 (16)

A signature design of the label, this double knife-edge band ring creates the illusion of a set for those who don’t want the hassle of managing two rings. The marquise solitaire adds to its charm.

Spinelli Kilcollin Anath Ring

The 30 Best Wedding Ring Sets of 2022 (18)

This one spells love at first sight for the fashion-forward bride. The four linked rings are in a mix of 18k gold hues with pavé-set cognac, champagne, and white diamonds topped off with a whitediamond solitaire.

Tomasz Donocik Royal Asscher Bridal Set

The 30 Best Wedding Ring Sets of 2022 (20)

This decidedly contemporary engagement ring features baguettes and princess white diamonds with a square emeraldAsscher. The eternity band is fashioned from baguette diamonds.

Zales Heart-Shaped Diamond Frame Bridal Set

The 30 Best Wedding Ring Sets of 2022 (22)

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The 30 Best Wedding Ring Sets of 2022 (23)

We only have love for this flurry of diamonds surrounding this heart-shaped stone on 14k white gold. Elevated with a minimal diamond band, this piece is utterly simple yet striking.

Capucinne Diamond and Moissanite Ring Set

The 30 Best Wedding Ring Sets of 2022 (24)

Accompanied by a dazzling diamond band and a curved lace-inspired band, this simple moissanite solitaire is worthy of forever. Featuring 14k yellow gold, this metal provides the perfect contrast that makes this set irresistible.

Kay Jewelers Black and White Diamond Bridal Set

The 30 Best Wedding Ring Sets of 2022 (26)

Go monochrome with your ring. This one is centered around a black diamond framed with round white diamonds and a matching band.

Brilliant Earth Versailles Diamond Bridal Set

The 30 Best Wedding Ring Sets of 2022 (28)

Blake Lively and Hailey Bieber love their oval-cut rings. If you’re a fan of the shape too, say yes to this oval-cut wedding ring paired with a matching pavé-set diamond band.

Zales Vine-Shank Vintage-Style Interlocking Bridal Set

The 30 Best Wedding Ring Sets of 2022 (30)

In the mood for something ornate? Your search ends here. Milgrain-detailed vines and diamond leaf frames adorn an elegant open shank in this beauty. The clincher is the rose gold Heart-Lock inside that binds the two bands together.

Allurez Diamond-Accented Solitaire Bridal Set

The 30 Best Wedding Ring Sets of 2022 (32)

Calling all classic brides! We have the set for you. Yellow gold shines brightly with a little help from an array of two brilliant diamond bands and a round center stone.

Capucinne Alexandrite and Diamond Ring

The 30 Best Wedding Ring Sets of 2022 (34)

A minimalistic rose-cut white diamond is encompassed by a romantic pair of unique yellow gold bands. A curved halo of white diamonds sits atop while a captivating color of sea green shines below in two marquise-shaped stones.

Allurez Antique Diamond Engagement Ring Set

The 30 Best Wedding Ring Sets of 2022 (36)


This is the perfect example of how a unique pattern can transform a classic engagement ring into a timeless piece with a magical twist. The matching set features marquise-shaped diamonds along the band, milgrain edges, and an intricate scroll design.

Brilliant Earth Your One-of-a-Kind Ring

The 30 Best Wedding Ring Sets of 2022 (38)

Now, this is wow factor. Over one carat of diamonds adorn this rose gold set featuring a dramatically curved band with a dropped pear-cut center stone.

Clean Origin Symphony Bridal Set

The 30 Best Wedding Ring Sets of 2022 (40)

This classic round solitaire features a delicately intricate diamond band accompanied by a subtly curved wedding band. We'd say yes, too!

Capucinne Diamond Wedding Ring Set

The 30 Best Wedding Ring Sets of 2022 (42)

While this pair is undoubtedly edgy and modern, there's something incredibly special about this triangular-shaped diamond set, too. With just three dainty stones sitting atop the engagement ring's center stone, this wedding band is the cherry on top of an unforgettable piece.

Angara Three-Stone Sapphire and Diamond Wedding Band Ring Set

The 30 Best Wedding Ring Sets of 2022 (44)

A deep-blue sapphire will forever be the epitome of royalty and sophistication. Two pear-shaped diamonds sit horizontally framing the center stone while a pavé-set diamond band elegantly curves alongside this striking piece.

Brilliant Earth Valencia Halo Diamond Bridal Set

Hello, sparkle! A blindingly brilliant round center stone is surrounded by a sea of diamonds along this 18k white gold micro-pavé band. We can't fail to mention that incredible halo either!

Capucinne Hexagon Diamond Ring Set

The 30 Best Wedding Ring Sets of 2022 (48)

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The 30 Best Wedding Ring Sets of 2022 (49)

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This may be the dreamiest contemporary stack we've ever seen. An eye-catching hexagon-shaped diamond is bezel set and accompanied by a solid gold band with a half-halo of diamonds.

Clean Origin Lumiere Bridal Set

The 30 Best Wedding Ring Sets of 2022 (50)

We love how this setting appears as if it's hugging the center stone. A slight twist to a classic design, this rose gold ring features a pavé-set band in addition to an alluring round diamond solitaire.

Brilliant Earth Elodie Ring Set

The 30 Best Wedding Ring Sets of 2022 (52)

The luminescent curve of this open-basket design elegantly cradles this round solitaire engagement ring. The striking contrast between the 18k yellow gold and flurry of diamonds is a level of beauty we can't resist.

Zales Diamond Bridal Set

The 30 Best Wedding Ring Sets of 2022 (54)

14k white gold surrounds an array of brilliant diamonds along a matching pavé-set band. An effortlessly elegant diamond solitaire sits pretty as the star of the show.

Capucinne Charlotte Diamond Sun Ring

The 30 Best Wedding Ring Sets of 2022 (56)

There is so much gorgeous detail to take in when staring at this exquisite art deco–inspired set. Featuring rose gold, two additional bands create a halo effect around this bezel-set diamond solitaire ring.

Clean Origin Opera Bridal Set

The 30 Best Wedding Ring Sets of 2022 (58)

This one is bound to make your heart melt at the simple sight of it. A cushion-cut diamond sits at the center of two whimsical yellow gold bands that practically float across the finger.

Helzberg Lab-Created White Sapphire Ring

The 30 Best Wedding Ring Sets of 2022 (60)

On a budget? Don’t let that dull your sparkle. Opt for this set that is crafted using a pear-shaped, lab-created white sapphire that's accentuated with 41 round lab-created white sapphires.

What to Look for When Choosing a Wedding Ring Set


The metal selection is an important part of your decision, as this aspect determines the overall look of your stack. Do you want to create an elegant and cohesive look? Or are you seeking a contrasting set that makes a statement? "Unless you are purposely mixing metal colors—white, rose, or yellow—it is best to keep your alloys the same. While platinum and white gold look the same brand new, over time they will show their differences with wear," warns Brantner.


Many brides are searching for a wedding band that sits snug against their engagement ring, which is known as "flush fit." "If this is something that is important to you, make sure you are selecting an engagement ring with an elevated head assembly to allow the wedding band to fit snugly," says Brantner.

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One of the very best parts of creating your bridal stack is the wide range of designs and styles there are to choose from. Ultimately, there is no wrong or right choice. Select the pieces that align with your personal style and lifestyle. "There is a lot of freedom in creating your unique bridal stack! Mixing metals, side-stone shapes, and adding texture with milgrain detailing allows you to appreciate each ring individually," Brantner explains.


  • Do the metals have to match? "No—you can mix yellow and white gold or platinum and rose gold. However, it is recommended to only stick with one white metal in your set, as over time white gold and platinum age differently," says Brantner. Shah cautions that different-strength metals could end up scratching each other if one's stronger than the other.
  • How can I ensure that my wedding band complements my engagement ring? "Try on various styles to see what you like most with your engagement ring and on its own," Brantner recommends. "There may be times in which you would prefer to just wear your band, and you should like it individually!"
  • What are the most durable metals to select for my wedding ring set? Shah says 18k gold is a sound investment because it's flexible and has a stronger alloy to keep the prongs in place. Platinum is ideal if you are not setting in any diamonds or mixing metals. Since it doesn’t change color, your band will not dull down over time.


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