Minecraft: Play with PC Game Pass | Xbox (2023)

Minecraft: Play with PC Game Pass | Xbox (1)


Minecraft: Play with PC Game Pass | Xbox (2)

Play Minecraft with PC Game Pass

Play Minecraft and over 100 more high-quality games for one low monthly price with PC Game Pass.


Better Together

Minecraft: Play with PC Game Pass | Xbox (3)

Play cross-platform

Now connect with players across Windows 10, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, virtual reality and mobile devices today.*

Massive multiplayer servers

Easily find massive multiplayer servers and play with thousands, right from within the game.

New features

Loads of new features for Xbox players like infinite worlds, recipe book and marketplace!

Already own Minecraft? Update on your console.

What’s new with Minecraft

Minecraft: Play with PC Game Pass | Xbox (4)

Unleash your imagination with Minecraft Marketplace!

Start a new story with Minecraft Marketplace! Brimming with content to transform you from a farmer to a fighter, a builder to a burrower! Kickstart your adventure with two special content bundles, stuffed with packs to get you started. What'll your next story be? Find out at Minecraft Marketplace!*****


Minecraft: Play with PC Game Pass | Xbox (5)

Master the Four Elements in the new Avatar Legends DLC

You are the Avatar, the embodiment of light and peace. Learn new skills from Team Avatar and Team Korra, and meet up with Katara, Zuko, and others while completing quests, exploring all four nations from the hit shows, and channeling the skins of your favorite Avatar characters.


(Video) Get Minecraft with Game Pass for PC this November!

Minecraft: Play with PC Game Pass | Xbox (6)

Save Gotham City with the new Batman adventure!

Fly through the night as the Caped Crusader and save the city from Harley Quinn, The Joker, The Penguin, and more dastardly Super-Villains from the DC universe. Plus, don’t forget your free Batman Cap in the Dressing Room!


Minecraft: Play with PC Game Pass | Xbox (7)

Join SpongeBob and all your undersea faves in a new DLC

Explore Bikini Bottom as you complete tasks for Mr. Krabs, Patrick, Squidward, and more. The world is your oyster! Plus, don’t forget to complete your underwater adventure with your free Character Creator item in the dressing room!


Minecraft: Play with PC Game Pass | Xbox (8)

Craft your path

Experience Minecraft in a whole new light – or dark. Evade the warden in the deep dark if you dare. Explore the swamps together with frogs and tadpoles. Ask an allay to collect supplies to fill the chest on your boat. The choices are endless, and all of them yours.


Minecraft: Play with PC Game Pass | Xbox (9)

Join the Minecraft Marketplace 5 Year Celebration

Delve into five years of fan favorites and meet the creators behind the most popular Marketplace worlds. Nab limited-time discounts and even a new free map: Marketplace Creator Tycoon by Jigarbov Productions. Join the celebration through 7/12!


Minecraft: Play with PC Game Pass | Xbox (10)

Become a fighter with the World Warrior Skin Pack

Master the Hadoken and conquer the Dark Hadou with this Capcom-approved skin pack! Select your character from 35 iconic World Warriors. Check out Character Creator for other new items and emotes like Ryu’s headband and to claim your free V shirt!


Minecraft: Play with PC Game Pass | Xbox (11)

Keep adventuring in the new Puma x Minecraft DLC

Gear up in the latest Minecraft x PUMA streetwear collection and race your friends in three unique maps including a City, Artic, and PUMA-inspired jungle. Upgrade and level up, collect trophies, and discover exciting surprises along the way.


Minecraft: Play with PC Game Pass | Xbox (12)

Minecraft Walt Disney World® Magic Kingdom® Adventure

An authentic recreation of Walt Disney World® Magic Kingdom®! Experience beloved attractions, meet iconic Disney and Pixar characters, and celebrate the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World with a spectacular fireworks show. 25 skins included!


Minecraft: Play with PC Game Pass | Xbox (13)

Minecraft Marketplace

For the first time, skins, textures, and worlds designed by the community are available in the store. Buy once and enjoy across Xbox, Windows 10 and mobile devices!*

Minecraft: Play with PC Game Pass | Xbox (14)

Game features

Minecraft: Play with PC Game Pass | Xbox (15)

Endless exploration

Create and explore your very own world where the only limit is what you can imagine.

Minecraft: Play with PC Game Pass | Xbox (16)

Build almost anything

Crafting has never been faster, easier or more fun.

Minecraft: Play with PC Game Pass | Xbox (17)

More fun with friends

Play with up to four players in split screen for free, or invite hundreds of friends to a massive gameplay server or your own private Realm!***

Trailers and gameplay

Minecraft: Play with PC Game Pass | Xbox (18)
(Video) Minecraft is now available on Game Pass for PC!

Game details

Minecraft is a game about placing blocks and going on adventures. Build anything you can imagine with unlimited resources in Creative mode, or go on grand expeditions in Survival, journeying across mysterious lands and into the depths of your own infinite worlds. Will you hide from monsters or craft tools, armor and weapons to fight back? No need to go alone! Share the adventure with friends in split-screen multiplayer and online.

Additional information

Minecraft: Play with PC Game Pass | Xbox (19)

Everyone 10+

  • Fantasy Violence
  • Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB
  • Publisher
  • Microsoft Studios
  • Developer
  • Mojang
  • Genre
  • Action & Adventure, Family
  • Platforms
  • Xbox Series X|S
    Xbox One
    Windows 10/11
  • Release date
  • September 20, 2017

Get the game

Minecraft: Play with PC Game Pass | Xbox (20)

Standard Edition

User rating: 3.5/ 5

Included with PC Game Pass

Play Minecraft and hundreds of high-quality games for one low monthly price with PC Game Pass.


Create, explore, survive, repeat. Get Minecraft: Java Edition and Bedrock Edition for PC as a package deal for Windows! You can easily switch between games using the unified launcher and cross-play with any current edition of Minecraft.




Minecraft: Play with PC Game Pass | Xbox (21)

Master Collection

Experience all the different ways to explore, survive, and build in Minecraft. Get Minecraft: Java & Bedrock Edition for PC, plus 1600 Minecoins, five maps, three skin packs, one texture pack, five Character Creator items, and three emotes.****

(Video) Minecraft Legends: Official Gameplay Trailer

User rating: 3.5/ 5




Minecraft: Play with PC Game Pass | Xbox (22)

Starter Collection

Included with Game Pass

Play Minecraft and hundreds high-quality games for one low monthly price with Game Pass.


User rating: 3.5/ 5

Explore randomly generated worlds and build amazing things from the simplest of homes to the grandest of castles. Play in creative mode with unlimited resources or mine deep into the world in survival mode, crafting weapons and armor to fend off the dangerous mobs.




Minecraft: Play with PC Game Pass | Xbox (23)

Fourth Edition

Experience all the different ways to explore, survive, and build with Minecraft: Deluxe Collection. Get the game plus 1600 Minecoins, five maps, three skin packs, one texture pack, five Character Creator items, and three emotes.





(Video) Xbox Play Anywhere Explained and How to Use It
Minecraft: Play with PC Game Pass | Xbox (24)

Minecraft Realms Plus

Tap into the source of amazing Minecraft content! With Realms Plus, you get instant access to 50+ marketplace items like worlds and mash-ups, with new additions each month. Enjoy your content on any platform where you play Minecraft with Marketplace, and invite up to 10 of your friends to join the fun – for free!*

Minecraft: Play with PC Game Pass | Xbox (25)



Elevate your game

Minecraft: Play with PC Game Pass | Xbox (26)

Xbox Design Lab


Minecraft: Play with PC Game Pass | Xbox (27)

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 – Core (White)


Minecraft: Play with PC Game Pass | Xbox (28)

Xbox Rechargeable Battery + USB-C


1Requires full Minecraft game. Broadband connection required for download (ISP fees apply).

*Cross-platform play extends across Windows 10 PCs, Android devices, iOS phones and tablets, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and VR platforms.

**Pre-release game; game release dates, availability, content and features subject to change.

Online multiplayer on Xbox One requires Xbox Live Gold subscription (sold separately).

***Realms requires paid subscription (sold separately).

****Minecraft Marketplace is not accessible in Minecraft: Java Edition. Additional Deluxe Collection content is accessible in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.

*****Minecraft Marketplace content requires Minecraft: Bedrock Edition (sold separately). Skyblock and Dinosaur Packs available with Minecoins purchase; PlayStation tokens issued in lieu of Minecoins on PlayStation.

(Video) Minecraft is now available on Game Pass for PC!

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Can you play Minecraft on PC with Game Pass? ›

Minecraft: Java & Bedrock Edition is now available with Xbox Game Pass on Windows PC! If you have an active Game Pass Ultimate or Game Pass for PC subscription, you can install and play Minecraft: Java & Bedrock Edition.

Can you play multiplayer on Minecraft with Game Pass? ›

In order to play online multiplayer, you will need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription for Nintendo Switch, a PlayStation®Plus subscription on PlayStation® 4, or an active Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription for Xbox One, There are no subscription fees for playing on Windows.

Why is Minecraft Game Pass not working? ›

If you're a Game Pass subscriber and you're getting this error, try navigating to the Xbox app and downloading the Minecraft Launcher there. If you are a subscriber to neither Gold nor Game Pass and are seeing this error, try logging out of the Microsoft Store and/or Xbox app and then back in.

Can you get Minecraft for free with Xbox Game Pass PC? ›

Yes! Minecraft is available on Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass for PC. This means that, as long as you're a paying Xbox Game Pass member on your platform of choice, you should be able to download Minecraft without having to pay anything extra on top of your usual subscription.

Can PC and Xbox play Minecraft together? ›

Since the release of the Bedrock Edition, Minecraft has supported cross-platform play. This means that you can play the game with your friends no matter which platform they might be playing on including mobile, PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

Can Steam and PC Game Pass play together? ›

Cross play with Steam and Epic is supported when the game is purchased or played via Xbox Game Pass for PC. Cross play isn't available if you are playing via an Xbox Console.

Do you need Xbox Live to play Minecraft with friends on PC? ›

Playing on an Online Server

Additionally, Minecraft Java: Edition does not require an Xbox Live subscription. A multiplayer server allows two or more players to play Minecraft together. You can either download the server file needed to set up your own server from Minecraft.net or connect to another person's server.

Does Game Pass let you play with friends? ›

Primary account holders can share all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate benefits with up to 4 friends or family members and enjoy hundreds of games together.

How do you play with a friend on Game Pass? ›

From the in-game menu, send them an invite, they'll unlock the Free Trial, and then you're ready to play the entire experience together.

How do I fix Minecraft multiplayer? ›

If you're struggling to connect to a Minecraft server, there are a few things you can try: Restart your device. If you're on a wired connection, try connecting with a wireless connection or vice versa. Try connecting with another network connection if possible.

Why is Minecraft not letting me join my friends? ›

One fix is to remove your friend from your friends list and add them back. This works because Minecraft stores friend data on the server, not locally. That's why you'll have the same friends list no matter what device you use to play. Remove your friend from your list, re-add them, and then attempt to join their world.

Is Minecraft on Game Pass forever? ›

Game Pass games are not permanent...you can play the Game Pass version as long as you have a Game Pass subscription..

Is PC and Xbox cross platform Game Pass? ›

Yes! Go to Xbox Game Pass and get Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to enjoy all the benefits of Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass on both your console and Windows 10/11 device.

How to play Minecraft for free on PC? ›

You can play Minecraft for free on your web browser by heading to classic.minecraft.net, with no need to download or install anything.
You can access Minecraft free game in three simple ways:
  1. Using an online server or by using 'TLauncher'.
  2. By playing the Minecraft Demo version.
  3. Or by playing Minecraft Classic Version.

Can two people use PC Game Pass at the same time? ›

“This makes it even easier to play the best Game Pass games with friends and family across console, PC, and cloud by enabling you to add up to four people to your subscription, all with their own unique access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate games, content, and benefits.”

How do I keep Game Pass games forever? ›

Game pass games are generally yours to play for as long as:
  1. The game is in the Game Pass program. Games come and go from Game Pass.
  2. Your Game Pass subscription is current. If you cancel your subscription you lose access to any games you don't own.

How do you play Minecraft with friends far away on PC? ›

Open Minecraft and go into the “Multiplayer” tab. Towards the bottom, click on “Add Server”. Put any name under “Server Name” and then enter the server IP address and port, then press “Done”. After pressing done, this will take you back to the multiplayer tab, you should see the server now listed.

Can PC users play with Xbox users? ›

Can you play with Xbox players on PC? Yes. Cross platform games like Fortnite and more allow you to play right alongside Xbox players if you're on a PC.

Why do I need an Xbox account for Minecraft on PC? ›

An Xbox profile makes it possible to access Minecraft Realms, a subscription-based service that lets you play online with your friends whenever you want, on your own private server. Use an Xbox profile to invite up to 10 friends to create, survive, or compete in your private world.

How does PC Game Pass work? ›

PC Game Pass is a monthly subscription service that offers a library of full games to download and play on your machine without any further fees. The list of games is curated and updated each month, with some added and some less popular titles being removed.

What's the difference between Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate? ›

Without a doubt, the biggest difference between Xbox Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate is Xbox Cloud Gaming (formerly called Project xCloud). Although it's still technically in beta, it allows you to play AAA games from the comfort of your mobile device or PC.

Do both players need a way out to play? ›

Note that the player who downloads the free trial of A Way Out must be invited to join someone with the full version in order to play the game. The only other option is for Player Two to purchase the full version of A Way Out and invite someone else.

Why is my Minecraft multiplayer not working PC? ›

If you're getting a 'Failed to Connect to Server' issue, some possible solutions are: Check that your network connection is enabled and that no programs are blocking outgoing connections. Try disabling any existing firewall program or changing its configuration options. Restart your modem/router.

Why is Minecraft multiplayer not working on Xbox? ›

One of the common reasons why some Minecraft players are having trouble joining other worlds is Xbox One NAT settings. If The NAT type on your console is set to Moderate, you should still be able to play in multiplayer games but other players may not be able to play together with you in a multiplayer session.

How long is the $1 Game Pass? ›

Once you've cancelled, you won't be charged for Game Pass again, but you will have your membership upgraded to a Game Pass membership until your pre-paid Xbox Live Gold subscription runs out, essentially allowing you to enjoy three years of Game Pass for just $1 (or £1 if you're in the UK).

How long does it take for 100 Minecraft days to pass? ›

Passing the Time

Play for 100 days. Play for 100 Minecraft days, which is equivalent to 33 hours in real time.

Can I still play games after they leave Game Pass? ›

Can I still play games after they leave Game Pass? Games you install using Xbox Game Pass remain playable once they've left the Game Pass catalog only when you buy them—and you get a hefty discount when you buy games as an Xbox Game Pass subscriber. When you buy games at a discount, those games are yours to keep.

What is 1.99 Minecraft? ›

1.99 is a major update to Java and Bedrock editions released on November 18th, 2057, on Minecraft's twelfth anniversary. Because of the size of 1.17 and 1.19, after 1.19's release, all Minecraft Lives were released in April, and Minecraft Festival 2049 was postponed.

Is Minecraft 10 dollars a month? ›

$7.99 / month. The easiest way to pay: the subscription is automatically extended each month but can be cancelled at any time.

What was Minecraft's original price? ›

In a move that surprised many gamers, Persson decided to charge for Minecraft even in its early versions — $13 per copy.

Can you play Minecraft multiplayer for free? ›

There are three ways to play multiplayer in Minecraft: Java Edition, two of which are free. You can join a public server, create your own, or purchase a Minecraft Realm. If your friends are on the same network, you can set up a LAN Minecraft server for local multiplayer.

Is Real Minecraft free on PC? ›

The Minecraft game is available for PC/ laptop users for free online. The game can be played on pretty much any browser for Windows and macOS out there.

Is Minecraft Java Edition free for PC? ›

Well, if you've never bought Minecraft before, you can now get both Java and Bedrock for one low price, also called Minecraft: Java & Bedrock Edition for PC. If you have bought Minecraft before, you're now getting the other edition for free.

Can two people play the same game on Game Pass? ›

Now, the greatness of Game Pass got even better: The service is now officially shareable, that means your friends and family can all use the same account to play games simultaneously.

Can two people play the same game at the same time on the Game Pass? ›

Up to five accounts will be able to share a single Game Pass Friends and Family Plan, and all five accounts should be able to play separately or together at the same time.

Can you play on PC and Xbox at the same time with the same account? ›

Can I be signed into the same game on Xbox and my Windows 10 PC? At any single point in time, you may only sign into the game on one Xbox console or one Windows 10 PC. You cannot be signed into the same game on both an Xbox console and a Windows 10 PC at the same time.

Can I share my Game Pass with my family? ›

Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family will include all the same Xbox Game Pass Ultimate benefits for four other friends or family members. That's five people in total, and it also includes access to Xbox Cloud Gaming, Xbox Live, and even the PC Game Pass versions of games.

How many people can share Game Pass? ›

In return for €21.99 (US$22) per month (49,900 COP in Colombia), you can have up to five people registered to a Friends & Family subscription. They each get their own account and Xbox profile, with the only restriction being all subscribers need to reside in the same country/region.

How does game sharing work? ›

Gamesharing allows you and a friend to share each other's game libraries, as well as each other's Xbox Live Gold memberships, including Game Pass. It's a great way to play a wider array of games on a budget. To take advantage of the Xbox One's game sharing features, you will need two Xbox One consoles.


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