Durock POM Linear Switches (2023)

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Andrew N.

Durock POM Linear Switches (1) United States

(Video) Goodbye NK Cream! The new BEST Clacky Linear Switch? DUROCK POM REVIEW and comparison + sounds

The POM in palm is the bomb hence it's POMb

People like to talk about how Gateron Ink Black is an endgame linear switch, but there are several reasons I like Durock POMs over them...-cheaper-smoother after lube-more consistently smooth-don't require film-pole bottom out feels crisp and satisfying (personal preference)-don't require spring swap (personal preference)There are 2 things that stand out with the Gateron Ink Black though...-Deeper sound-Better LED performance with its transparent housingIf you factor in cost of TX film + Durock springs then the Ink Black would go up to $0.90/switchThe Durock POM is very much an endgame linear switch in my opinion and it will be the only linear switch I buy unless I want something silenced in which case there's the Durock Silent linear Dolphin which I am a big fan of.

Durock POM Linear Switches (2)

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Durock POM Linear Switches (3) United States

Awesome linears

I have tried tangies, banana splits, pro berries, ink yellows, gat blacks with uhmwpe stems + 65g springs, fff, oa and snowwhites. These are my favorites so far. Very nice tolerances. The definitely need lube to remove the ping and a bit of scratch. Once lubed (optionally filmed) they are next level switches. Spring weight feels perfect and no wobble. The sound is nice clack/thock(whatever floats your boat). Bought first batch of 130. Ordered 140 more for my upcoming builds.

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(Video) POM Durock Switch Review | Linear Switch Comparison



Austen N.

Durock POM Linear Switches (4) United States

smoothest switch i own

these switches are so smooth and really remind me of a mix of nk silks and creams mixed together. the feel of silks and the sound of creams. there is absolutely no wobble and no scratching at all. these switches are so smooth are so worth the price. super underrated.

(Video) The Ideal Linear Experience | Durock POM Linear Review

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Durock POM Linear Switches (5) United States

best switches in the world

I have not tried them but I know these are the best switches

Durock POM Linear Switches

(Video) 1 Min Switch Review - Durock POM Linears

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Mas L.

Durock POM Linear Switches (6) United States

Underrated switches

Love these, used them in my portico for the mods.

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(Video) Durock POM Switch Review: How Does It Compare Against Other Linear Switches?
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