Destiny 2 Titan build – best builds for PvP and PvE (2023)

Destiny 2’s Titans are often portrayed as big punchy bullies, who would rather headbutt their way through a problem than give it a moment’s thought. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But in our Destiny 2 Titan Build guide, we’ll show you that, just like the Hunters and Warlocks, there’s more to Titans than just hulking out. Not a lot more, we hasten to add – you’ll still get to wreck stuff like a toddler in a mech suit.

Destiny 2 has evolved from launch through to present day, and so too has the humble Titan. There are now more ways to build an offensive tank or defensive bulwark than ever before.

In this Destiny 2 Titan build guide, we’ll give you a handful of options to start with in both PvE and PvP. We’ll be dealing with some endgame mods and items, but we’ll try to avoid any super-rare drops.

Destiny 2 Titan build for PvE

For the best Destiny 2Titan build for PvE activities in Season of the Seraph, try this Rage of Apollo Solar build.

  • Subclass: Sunbreaker – Hammer of Sol
  • Primary stat: Resilience
  • Secondary stat: Discipline
  • Grenade: Incendiary grenade or Healing grenade
  • Class Ability: Rally Barricade
  • Melee Ability: Hammer Strike
  • Aspects: Sol Invictus, Roaring Flames
  • Fragments:Ember of Solace, Ember of Tempering, Ember of Singeing, Ember of Torches
  • Exotic armour: Hallowfire Heart/ Phoenix Cradle/ Crest of Alpha Lupi/Lorely Splendor
  • Weapons:Sunshot/ Jotunn
  • Mods: Ashes to Assets, Firepower, Seeking Wells, Elemental Charge, Explosive Wellmaker, High-Energy Fire

Few arguments for Titan superiority are stronger than a well-equipped Sunbreaker. Calling on fire and rage to reduce their enemies to smouldering ashes, they’re a menace in the field. While Solar 3.0 has increased their offensive capabilities, it also allows the creation of nigh-unkillable tank builds.

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This particular build focuses on Sunspots, which are pools of fire created by your abilities that scorch enemies and boost your effectiveness. The Sol Invictus Aspect increases the potency of your Sunspots and causes them to apply Restoration, which bolsters survivability. Roaring Flames is an Aspect that increases Solar damage. Regarding Fragments, you want to focus on Embers that trigger and prolong Radiant and Restoration, and recharge your abilities. Equip powerful Solar Exotic weapons like Sunshot or Jotunn, or Legendaries with the new Incandescent perk, to apply Scorch to enemies.

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While Hallowfire Heart is still a solid Exotic, the Phoenix Cradle legs or Loreley Splendor Helm are better. Phoenix Cradle’s intrinsic perk increases the power and duration of Sunspots, while Loreley procs Cauterisation, which is an incredible perk that creates a Sunspot behind your Barricade – or when you’re critically wounded. Aiming for 90 or 100 Resilience will not only make you a tank through sheer damage reduction, but will also make your Barricade recharge incredibly fast. With Loreley Splendor, you have near 100% up-time on a healing Sunspot.

As for mods, Hands-on and Ashes to Assets are staples, while Explosive Wellmaker and Elemental Charge will keep you Charged with Light. Seeking Wells allows you to pop your barricade and let the Wells come to you.

Destiny 2 Titan build for PvP

Thebest Destiny 2Titanbuildfor PvPduringSeason of the Seraph is thisShield Wall Voidbuild.

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  • Subclass: Sentinel – Ward of Dawn
  • Primary stat: Discipline
  • Secondary stat: Recovery
  • Grenade: Suppressor
  • Class ability: Rally Barricade
  • Aspects: Offensive Bulwark, Bastion
  • Fragments: Echo of Domineering, Echo of Dilation, Echo of Expulsion
  • Exotic armour: Helm of Saint-14, Heart of Inmost Light, One-Eyed Mask
  • Weapons: Any of the best Destiny 2 PvP weapons
  • Mods: Hands-on, Ashes to Assets, Dynamo, Bolstering Detonation, Focusing Strike, Better Already

Staying alive and keeping your team on their feet need not be mutually exclusive. With a build focused around Overshield, Ward of Dawn, and popping your Rally Barricade in a pinch, this set-up is ideal for bunkering down in Control, Trials of Osiris, or Gambit.

The Bastion Aspect gives an enhanced Overshield to any nearby allies when you use your Super or Barricade. Meanwhile, Offensive Bulwark grants an Overshield when you’re inside your Ward of Dawn, speeds up grenade recharge, and boosts your melee capabilities. While it can be fun to charge around the battlefield using Shield Bash, we’d recommend Shield Throw for your powered melee. It gives you an extra ranged attack for when you’re hunkered behind cover.

Void 3.0’s Fragments are super useful for this build. Echo of Dilation is a handy Fragment to equip, as it increases Mobility and Intellect, and enhances your radar while crouching. Echo of Expulsion causes enemies to explode if you nail them with Void damage, and Echo of Domineering grants a boon for any enemy you hit with your Suppressor grenade.

You can use whichever weapons you’re comfortable with, though keep a shotgun or fusion rifle handy for close encounters as enemies will push your position out of spite. The Helm of Saint-14 will improve your Ward of Dawn, while the One-Eyed Mask, Dunemarchers or Mask of the Quiet One are decent generic pieces. Heart of Inmost Light, though, will improve your overall efficiency.

(Video) This Solar Titan Build Annihilates Everything In It's Path! [Destiny 2 Titan Build]

Destiny 2 Titan build for all activities

Arguably the best Destiny 2 Titan build for all activities inSeason of the Seraph is this Stormhammer Arc build.

  • Subclass: Striker – Thundercrash
  • Primary stat: Resilience
  • Secondary stat: Strength
  • Grenade:Storm Grenade
  • Class ability: Rally Barricade
  • Aspects: Touch of Thunder, Knockout
  • Fragments: Spark of Feedback, Spark of Resistance, Spark of Ions, Spark of Brilliance
  • Exotic armour: An Insurmountable Skullfort, Cuirass of the Falling Star or Eternal Warrior, Synthoceps
  • Weapons: Monte Carlo
  • Mods: Hands-on or Ashes to Assets (x2), Dynamo, Bolstering Detonation, Focusing Strike, Better Already

Sometimes you just want to break things, and this build is perfect for that. It’s built around powering your melee, charging your enemies, and bringing the thunder when it’s time. The Cuirass of the Falling Star is an incredible Exotic to pair with the Thundercrash Super ability, and will absolutely devastate anything you catch in its radius. If you don’t have it, An Insurmountable Skullfort is great for melee-focused Strikers as it will grant health and melee energy on kills.

If you prefer Fists of Havoc, Eternal Warrior is your best friend. Alternatively, Synthoceps are the go-to Exotic for Titans who just want to punch holes in the world. For weaponry,pick any one of the best Destiny 2 weapons in the Energy and Heavy slots, butdrop the Monte Carlo auto rifle into your Kinetic slot to gain melee energy for every weapon kill at the same time.

The Touch of Thunder aspect boosts each of your grenades, but causes Lightning Grenades to Jolt targets. Spark of Ions will then generate Ionic Traces from these kills, boosting your ability regen as you fight. Spark of Feedback is useful when you’re in the thick of it, increasing your melee damage when you’re hit by enemy melee. Spark of Resistance is a good defensive alternative.

(Video) This Arc 3.0 Titan Build is UNSTOPPABLE In PvP!! | Destiny 2 Season of Plunder

Whether you equip Knockout or Juggernaut in the other Aspect slot is up to you, but Knockout makes you Amplified and triggers health regen, while even critically wounding a target will infuse your melee with Arc energy. Equip Knockout and go punch their lights out, Guardian.

On top of this, Hands-on and Momentum Transfer will keep your resources flowing, while Invigoration, Outreach and Distribution will create a comfortable loop of recharging energy. Stay on the offensive, and you’ll smash through most activities with this build like a bolt from the blue.

Destiny 2 Titan Stasis build for PvE

It can be easy to overlook the Stasis subclass on Destiny 2 Titan builds, but this Winter Warrior Stasis build holds its own in PvE activities in Season of the Seraph.

  • Subclass: Stasis Behemoth
  • Primary stat: Resilience
  • Secondary stat: Strength
  • Grenade: Glacier Grenade
  • Class ability: Rally Barricade
  • Aspects: Cryoclasm, Tectonic Harvest
  • Fragments: Whisper of Rime, Whisper of Chains, Whisper of Conduction
  • Exotic armour: Heart of Inmost Light, Hoarfrost-Z
  • Weapons: Stasis Kinetics such as the Disparity Pulse Rifle
  • Mods: Hands-on or Ashes to Assets (x2), High-Energy Fire, Focusing Strike, Better Already, Elemental Shards

This Titan Stasis build is highly offensive, designed to create and exploit Stasis Shards while keeping your melee charged up. Heart of Inmost Light has been the perfect go-to Exotic for Titans since before the launch of The Witch Queen, and it’s super useful here, recharging your Abilities each time you use one.

Combined with the Aspects and Fragments listed above, you’ll be creating Stasis Shards for every enemy killed (the number increases with a Stasis Kinetic weapon equipped, and they’re in abundance these days). With Whisper of Rime, each collected Shard will grant you a small amount of Overshield, and Whisper of Conduction will bring them to you.

(Video) Destiny 2 - New BEST PVP TITAN Build (Insane GODMODE BUILD)

Slap an Elemental Shards mod on a pair of Stasis legs and you’ll become Charged with Light for each Shard you collect, which links with High-Energy Fire to increase your damage output. You could switch from Cryoclasm to Howl of the Storm, but the latter is more reliant on having a charged melee attack ready, while the former just requires you to slide around like Santa with a sore head.

Hopefully this guide has given you some ideas for the next time you jump into Destiny 2. Remember, these are just a few examples of the kind of devastating endgame Titan builds you can create without the need for particularly rare gear. There are countless alternatives to consider, but ultimately you’re always going to benefit from committing to a singular playstyle that you feel comfortable with.

If you’re also grinding on a Hunter or Warlock account, check out our Destiny 2 Hunter build and Destiny 2 Warlock build guides.


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