Best camping mattress for couples, 8 great beds to share with your partner (2022)

Camping is fun, especially when you have your partner with you. Enjoying that beauty of nature and spending the night under the stars talking to your better half is a cool idea. However, no one wants to sleep on the moist ground or rigid rocky, hilly earth.

Guess what, you can still have a luxurious sleep in your tent by sleeping on a camping mattress. How do you know if it would actually be comfortable for you and your spouse?

We have this post for you and came up with the list of the best camping mattresses for couples (also check 10 great mattresses). So let’s get into it.

What’s the Best Camping Mattress for Couples?

What Is the Most Comfortable Mattress for Couple Tent Camping?

Wolf Walker Sleeping Pad

Best camping mattress for couples, 8 great beds to share with your partner (4)

- Tear-Resistance & Waterproof
- Full Size for 2 People
- Ultralight

Hikers choose this when camping with a partner.

Starting off the list with the sleeping pad by Wolf Walker. It’s made for couples who are traveling and camping in the countryside for fun. This 4″ inches thick sleeping pad provides great comfort to sleepers who frequently have to sleep in tents.

This helps support and relieve the pressure pointsof your body ergonomically. As this mattress is waterproof, you won’t feel wet even if you put it on the watery ground where it has been raining all day or night. Moreover, it’s made tear-resistant, keeping in mind that camping is mostly done in the wild.

This double sleeping pad is made of Nylon which is durable and long-lasting. In addition, an Eco-friendly TPU coating and a perfect seal protect these air mattresses from air-leaking while couples sleep on them.

It only weighs around 1.5Kg and is no bigger than 11.6″ when deflated. So you can carry it with you in your backpack while hiking with your partner.

Having all the great features, this sleeping pad would provide great comfy. However, you would need an electric pump to get rid of manually inflating it. You can use the Wolf Walker electric air pump to inflate your sleeping pad in a few seconds only.

In a nutshell The double sleeping mat is a great key to your and your partner’s comfort, no matter if you have camped on top of a mountain or amidst the forest. Until you are beneath the stars in your tent, this air mattress is a wise choice, especially for couples like you. It’s compact and carriable in a backpack with ease.

Hikenture Double Sleeping Pad

Best camping mattress for couples, 8 great beds to share with your partner (5)

- PVC Free
- Durable
- Silent

After all day hiking, a good night’s sleep is promised by Hikenture.

Like most other air mattresses, these are also equipped with a couple of valves. One is for quick inflating and deflating, while the other is with a built-in pump that you can use with your foot or hand to inflate the mattress in a few minutes. It’s way more convenient and easier to inflate than it may seem.

This thick 3.75″ sleeping pad is very cozy and convenient for everyone going through the wild forests or climbing up the hills all day and camping under the sky at night. It relieves all your body parts and sits comfortably under your camping tent.

The compact size and light weight make it easy to carry with you. It fits your backpack nicely. When it’s fully folded, it comes down to 13.8x5.9 inches so you can put it aside in your bag. About the weight, it’s only 3.64lbs

It works well for all back, side, and stomach sleepers (for home, check the top-rated mattresses for stomach sleepers). No matter how uneven or rocky the ground is, you won’t feel it. Moreover, it’s water-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about the ground, whether it’s moist or dry.

Although it’s the only thing you need to sleep in your tent, you can go for some cotton sheets for a great sleep experience. The Amazon basics microfiber sheets work great.

In a nutshell The Hikenture double sleeping pad is great for outdoor sleeping, especially in tents. It is waterproof, cozy, and super relaxing. It’s made up of soft polyester pongee, so it’s best for couples sleeping under the sky. Moreover, it’s lightweight and compact-sized, making it easy to carry.

Ubon Double Sleeping Bag

Best camping mattress for couples, 8 great beds to share with your partner (6)

- High-resilience foam
- Moisture-proof
- Abrasion-resistant

Relieving your body is more focused here.

These are self-inflating mattresses, so you won’t need a pump to get this job done. You just have to unroll it, and it will start inflating through the 23mm diameter non-leak valve. However, inflating for the first time, this Ubon mattress is going to take a bit longer.

This comfortable and thick mattress is made of 21D high-resilience sponge filling. It is skin-friendly and cozy on cold nights in the tent.

The Ubon air mattressweighs around 6.8 pounds and is very durable. It won’t wear out that quickly as it is abrasion-resistant. Moreover, if you place it on uneven ground, don’t worry about the rock beneath as you won’t feel it. That is how much it’s cozy and super comfortable, especially when couples share it.

It is available in five attractive and eye-catchy colors, i.e., Black, Green, Grey, Navy, and Sky Blue. All of them are great; however, my favorite one is the Navy color.

The Ubon double sleeping pad is compact in size, so you can carry it anywhere, whether hiking or camping on top of a hill. It easily fits your backpack when packed. It has only a 7.5″ diameter and 25.6″ long package size, which is truly compact and carriable.

In addition, there are a couple of ergonomic pillows attached to this mattress which assures your head is calmly placed next to your partner without any distress. Inflating and deflating them is also very easy. You have to open one valve to inflate and the other to deflate. No manual struggle.

Although this thickness is enough to relieve your tired body, you can also go for a mattress topper in places where you think they are more rigid or rocky. Check this Zinus mattress topperfor the best experience.

In a nutshell This Ubon sleeping pad is great for sleeping on with your partner and enjoying the night under the stars. The waterproof and convenient sleeping pad would protect you from any external moisture beneath it. Moreover, it’s lightweight and compact so that it can be easily carried in your backpack.

A wise choice to use amidst the forest or in your truck

Next on our list is the Vecukty air mattresswhich is widely used for camping. Let’s see how it’s a great one for couples considering camping. Firstly, it’s very airy and cozy that one’s fatigue would miraculously jump out of him.

It comes in only one size and color. The X-large size and the eye-catchy Navy blue color. When fully unfolded, the size dimensions are 80.7″ x47.2″, which perfectly accommodates two persons at a time. So you can comfortably share it with your soul mate.

As this Vecukty double sleeping pad is 2.4″ thick, you won’t feel any irritation due to the ground. However, it’s uneven, rigid, or rocky. It simply is that much more comfortable and relaxing.

There is a nice square bubble design on the surface of this air mattress. The main purpose of using this is to diffuse the pressure points of the sleeper’s body. Whether you are a back or a side sleeper, this will relax you.

A couple of ergonomic air pillows are also included with this camping mattress which plays a great role in a restful sleep all night. Enjoy all the day hiking and spend the night relaxing your body on this Vecukty sleeping pad.

Inflating and deflating are also very easy with the built-in foot pump. You don’t have to bring a separate pump with you every time. You can completely inflate this air mattress within a few minutes with your foot or hand, pushing the pump pedal repeatedly.

The best thing is that the pump is near your feet, not the pillows, so you won’t feel awkward about its effect on your sleep. Moreover, this Vecukty air mattress is lightweight and hence easy to carry.

This premium rip-resistant fabric makes the overall mattress durable to withstand any kind of ground. It won’t wear out quickly as much as other air mattresses do. It lasts for years to come.

For added comfort, you can use some soft mattress sheets on this air mattress. This beautiful sheet would be a great one to go for.

In a nutshell The Vecukty camping mattress is cozy and comfortable for couples. It’s durable, lightweight, and portable. Packed up, it can fit in your backpack, leaving enough room for other things you will carry. Moreover, it is a nice mattress if you are planning to camp somewhere on a trip with someone special.

The Kingcamp Sleeping Pad

Best camping mattress for couples, 8 great beds to share with your partner (8)

- Ideal for Tent
- Fast inflation
- Light weight

A promising comfortable sleep is always worth it

The next great option for camping mattress seekers is this KingCamp sleeping pad. This air mattress comprises 100% micro brushed 75D polyester high-powered foam. This is responsible for the luxurious feel of this mattress in the woods.

The uniquely designed pattern of the mattress distributes your body pressure and improves your overall sleep experience. Also, it helps make the mattress attractive enough. There are 2 inflatable pillows included with this sleeping pad as well.

When it’s fully unpacked, it’s 78″ long and 51.2″ wide. It perfectly suits couples without sleeping any of them off the side. This mattress is available in five attractive colors: Green, Beige, Charcoal double, Grey, and Royal Blue. Choose the one that matches your tent color for a nice look.

The KingCamp mattress is 1.6″ thick, so it’s comfortable enough in the tent as if you are lying on your bed at home. However, you should avoid rocky areas and look for plain ground for the best experience.

Inflating and deflating this sleeping pad is easier. Although it doesn’t have an included pump, it can be inflated quickly. You must blow air into it through the valve at its corner by mouth or an external pump. It doesn’t inflate by itself. However, deflating is very easy and is done within seconds.

Keeping the thickness of this air mattress in mind, I recommend getting a mattress topperfor yourself. It would be great for extra comfy support if you want to set your tent on a bit rocky or rigid area. This egg crate mattress topper would be great as it is thick enough and assures comfort<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>.

In a nutshell In a few words, the KingCamp sleeping pad is an affordable, soft, and comfortable air mattress. It can be used in cars, fishing, traveling, and, most importantly, camping. It’s lightweight, which makes it easy to carry. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a basic-level mattress for camping.

Klymit Double V Sleeping Pad

Best camping mattress for couples, 8 great beds to share with your partner (9)

- V-Shaped comfort
- Relaxing design
- Keeps warm

A proven cozy mattress for couples

The KLYMIT double V sleeping pad is amongst the best-performing air mattresses when it comes to comfy.

This mattress helps get you relief from your back pain (for the house, check 10 amazing mattresses for back pain). As it’s made up of 75D polyester, it’s quite soft and comfortable.

The included stuff sack would pump in the air within a minute. Approximately 8-10 pumps from the stuff sack would be enough to inflate the whole mattress.

The V design of the mattress is eye-catchy as well as very comfortable. The side-by-side V chamber plays a major role when a couple uses this mattress. So even if you wake up at midnight, your partner will not be disturbed.

The Klymit Double V sleeping pad is durable and long-lasting. The insulation protects you from cold air underneath the pad and keeps your body warm.

If you find its thickness insufficient, I suggest you go for an affordable mattress topper. This basic attractive mattress topper would be a good compliment and would do the job nicely.

In a nutshell Yes, I think of the Klymit sleeping mattresses among the top-performing air mattresses. The unique side-by-side V chamber adds more to your comfortable sleep experience. It also relieves you from any back pain. It’s lightweight, durable, and long-lasting.

Enerplex Air Mattress

Best camping mattress for couples, 8 great beds to share with your partner (10)

- High-quality
- Durable
- Adjustable

The double-height air mattress lets you feel at home.

Now we will be looking at the best options and the ones which are double-height. Such mattresses ensure a comfortable, good night as if you are in your bed. However, you must take care of them and protect them from sharp things.

EnerPlex air mattress is a double-height sleeping pad that takes care of your comfy. Couples who have shared it are quite satisfied with its firmness that protects them from sinking in.

While inflating, the built-in pump would be in action and gets the job done in around 2 minutes. However, if you are traveling or camping, you would need an external battery or car outlet adapter to help the pump inflate the mattress.

This EnerPlex twin air mattress is durable, so it won’t wear out quickly if you use it with proper care and precautions. It is designed with puncture-resistant PVC to prevent it from leaking. This mattress can be used for both indoor and outdoor use.

The size of this air mattress (when fully inflated) is 75″ in length, 13″ in Width, and 39″ in thickness. It would be great for both of you, no matter if you are using it at home or sleeping on it in your tent under the stars.

Moreover, if you want comfier from this bed, I suggest you use a snug sheet. Check this True north plush sheet for an amazing sleep experience.

In a nutshell The EnerPlex is a double-height sleeping pad that is affordable and firm enough. It would be great for a couple who dare to sleep outdoors. Moreover, it’s easy enough to be carried while traveling and hiking.

Intex Dura-Beam Air Mattress

Best camping mattress for couples, 8 great beds to share with your partner (11)

- Edge support comfort
- Velvety surface
- Pillow top

An affordable and cozy air mattress for campers

Last but not least is the Intex dura-beam air mattress. Till now, most mattresses compromise on thickness, but this one is thick and comfortable. Its plush experience would definitely relax you, whether camping with your partner or sleeping alone.

Inflating is easier than other mattresses because it has a built-in electric pump. It gets fully inflated in almost 4 minutes. Be sure only to let it for a specific time because letting it for more time will end up damaging the mattress.

The Intex sleeping pad is made of plastic, providing a super cozy feel to its sleepers. This air mattress is available in 3 sizes: The Queen, Twin, and Full.

It weighs around 17.14 pounds but can bear up to 600lbs of sleepers on it. However, we won’t suggest you try it. It simply means that it can easily accommodate a couple of almost any weight.

The sleeping surface is covered with some soft flocking for comfort purposes. The plush feel is enjoyable, especially when you sleep under the stars in open nature. There is an edge construction to provide improved edge support while you sleep on it.

In a nutshell I would say this Intex dura-beam air mattress is great for people who are seeking a cozy mattress for outdoor use. Especially when you are camping with your partner and need a super comfortable, thick, and durable mattress.

What Are Camping Mattresses Made Of?

Camping mattresses are made up of dense foam fillings, usually closed air cells. They are easy to carry and lightweight. They are durable and long-lasting and won’t ruin your trip by air leaking, just like air mattresses. These also offer insulation that would be helpful in the winter season.

Why Should I Go with A Camping Mattress Instead of An Air Mattress?

If you are afraid of air mattresses leakingand ruining your 5 days trip on the very first night, then you should go with a camping mattress instead of an air mattress. Although the camping mattress is a bit weighty, it’s quite cozy, and most importantly, it’s better than nothing.

On the other hand, if you go with an air mattress that is super comfortable but suddenly leaks out, all your trip becomes a pain in the neck. This is why a camping mattress is better than an air mattress.

What Is the Most Comfortable Mattress For Tent Camping?

The most comfortable mattress for tent camping is the air mattress. Make sure you choose a good-quality air mattress. These give you a feel of luxury and comfort even if you are sleeping under the stars or in the wild inside your camp.

What Is the Best Thing to Sleep on When Camping?

Remember the weight you are comfortable carrying with you is important. If you are car camping, you should go for a thick camp mattress as it is the most comfortable when sleeping outdoors.

However, if you are backpacking, I would recommend you go for a lightweight air mattress or a closed-cell sleeping pad.

What Kind of Mattress Should I Use for Camping?

If you are going for car camping where weight is never the issue, consider some thick sleeping mattresses as they would provide maximum comfort. However, if you are hiking and carrying a backpack, go for some lightweight sleeping pads that would be easy to carry. In such a case, closed-cell foam mattresses are the best as they are light and carriable.

How Thick Should a Camping Mattress Be?

The ideal thickness for a camping mattress is between 2.5 to 3.5. A thick mattress would be high enough from the ground that the sleeper won’t feel the ground at all. It provides enough insulation to keep you warm all night.

Are Foam Mattresses Good for Camping?

Yes, foam mattresses are great for camping as they are very cozy and affordable. You can also layer it to add more comfort. It reduces body pressure and provides comfort in all sleeping positions.

However, you should know that it’s best to use it in the winter. In summer, it may irritate you once it retains your body heat.

Our Recommendation

You have been through the list of the best mattresses, and it will be clear to you which one is a great option. All of these are good for some reasons. However, you should go for the one that best fits your requirements. Some are super easy to carry, while others are super cozy to sleep on. It all depends on what you prioritize the most.

If you still have any confusion or queries, you can reach out to us via the comments section, and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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